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Current Zoning/Land Use Requirements

According to the P&Z information available to the HOA, there are no new requests for rezonings or Comprehensive Plan Amendments for July 2015. 

There remains a Comp Plan/Future Land Use Change request for NMI pending from December 2013 (see below).

The last Comp Plan Amendment/Future Land Use change was passed unanimously by the LPA & BoCC, a noted below:

III.B. – Comp Plan Amendment 2015-1.2 – a proposal initiated by George & Barbara Ogle, Trustees, to amend Part XI, the Future Land Use Element, to change the Future Land Use Map Series designation from Residential 1:2.5 to Residential 1 for approximately 20.63 acres on the north side of Church Street west of the intersection of N. Courtenay Parkway.  The Ogles are represented by Dean Meade Corporate Attorney & R.E. Development advocate, Ms. Kim Resanka.

NMIHOA Recommendation – Recommended denial due to lack of compatibility with the majority of surrounding densities, propensity of area to stormwater flooding and the NMISAS in progress, which includes this particular area.

NMISAB Recommendation – Recommended to the LPA & BoCC this item be tabled until the NMISAS is complete, as the SAS includes this particular area.  The vote was unanimous. *

LPA Recommendation:  Approved.

Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) – Approved..

* In 2014 your NMISAB voted unanimously to request the Brevard County Commission withhold further re-zonings and Comprehensive Plan Amendment changes for the entire NMI area until the NMI Small Area Study(SAS) is completed. 

The organizational meeting of the 2015 NMISAS that was approved by the BoCC, took place on January 20th, 2015. The second meeting was on March 3, 2015 discussing Fire and Emergency issues at the Merritt Island Government Complex, 2nd floor. 

On March 17th the fourth meeting of the NMISAS concerning storm water and flooding was held and the next meeting was scheduled held March 31, 2015 concerning environmental and ecological issues. 

The next very important meeting will be held May 5, 2015 discussing COMMUNITY INPUT DICUSSIONS.  This may cover density issues, as well, so it may be helpful for all who wish to input on this item to attend THIS MEEITNG or contact one of the Study Group members with your information.

These Area Study sessions are held in the Merritt Island Complex and the public is invited.  A section of every agenda is set aside for public comment.  As may be noted, these SAS meetings are currently set at 2 week intervals, so scheduling may be more convenient for the public and this process may be expedited.  Information on the items covered and the Minutes of the Small Area Study may be found at the Brevard County District 2 Website on the Brevard County Web Portal.


The below Future Land Use change request remains pending from December 2013.  It is anticipated the applicant will resubmit in 2015.


(13PZ-00077)  MICHAEL GAICH requests the Future Land Use designation be changed from Neighborhood Commercial to Community Commercial on property located on 21.59 acres on the NW corner of N. Courtney Parkway and Porcher Road. 


NMIHOA Recommendation: The applicant did not contact the NMIHOA or present their application to the community at the October 7, 2013 meeting.  After extensive discussion and input from members of the community incompatibility with the majority of surrounding zoning and rural community, potential environmental impact and quality of life issues, the board voted unanimously to recommend denial of this application.


NMISAB Recommendation:  Meeting on October 10, 2013 @ 6 P.M. at the Merritt Island Government Complex, the NMISAB heard the applicant, a representative from the NMIHOA and a member of the NMI community.  The majority of the SAB (4:1 with Ott dissenting) voted to deny the application on grounds of incompatibility with the majority of the surrounding residential properties, potential negative environmental impact, and incompatibility with the rural agricultural character of the area as a result of the increased intensity of land use allowed in the requested category.


LPA Recommendation: On October 21st the LPA heard from the applicant and approved this item with a 325 foot depth for Community Commercial on North Courtenay Parkway.  The vote was unanimous.


BoCC ACTION: At the November 7th BoCC meeting, Mr. Gaich requested withdrawal of his application and Commissioner Chuck Nelson agreed, suggesting he work with the community to garner support for his plans.



As dates and times may change for Commission rezoning hearings, it may be wise to call the District 2 Commissioner’s office (321.455.1334 – Com. Jim Barfield) to make sure the date and time for the Commission to hear the NMI area item that interests you, has not changed (been rescheduled, etc.) before taking the long ride south.


If you wish to speak regarding any item, please fill out a pink card prior to your item of interest being addressed by the BoCC.


If you are unable to attend a meeting that addresses your topic, writing, emailing (find all 5 Commissioners’ email addresses in the “Contacts and Recommended Action” in the Zoning section of this website) or a phone message relating your opinions regarding an item, is very helpful to the Commissioners in making important decisions about our area.