The membership year for the NMIHOA is from July 1 through June 30.  Regular members have all the rights of membership.  Associate members are not required to be residents of North Merritt Island and do not have all the rights of membership, e.g., may not hold office or vote.

More information regarding membership is available at our monthly meetings.  Come join the fun of being a part of making our home a better place.

To download a membership application, please click on the following link:

Membership Application Form


The NMIHOA is a non-profit corporation and all funding of the organization is through donations and fund-raising efforts of the membership.  Membership dues are still $10 per year.  That is the same amount that charter members paid in August 1986. The reason there has been no increase is because membership has grown steadily, donations have been generous, and your Association boards have carefully managed the funds.

Businesses in the NMI area who wish to donate to the organization and receive a space in the“Courtenay Notes” to present their business information, may contact the Editor of the newsletter, Beth Matsoukis at 321-307-8227 or .  Deadline for input is the first Monday of the month at the Association monthly meeting.

The Association is non-partisan and at no time shall politics and party affiliations affect decisions or actions under consideration.  If an officer, Director, or Committee Chairperson files as a candidate for public office and pays the required filing fees, and then he must resign from the Association position held.  This restriction does not apply in cases of election or appointment within a political party or as a member of a civic board or committee.nmi_icon