Narrative Explanation of Citizen Options



The following is a brief narrative outline of what YOU, as a North Merritt Island Homeowners Association member, can do to protect the quality of life you have worked so hard to obtain…please refer to the provided links for detailed zoning information.


  1. Contact your North Merritt Island Homeowners Association District Representatives to express your opinion on rezoning requests.  Upcoming rezoning requests are listed in the Courtenay Notes, as are the District Representative’s areas; 1 through 4.  Contacting any Representative will work.


  1. Attend the North Merritt Island Homeowner’s Association meetings (even if you are not a member) and express your opinion to the board:  First Monday of the month – 7:00 PM at the St. Luke’s Meeting Hall, North Tropical Trail. (Meetings are moved to the first Tuesday, if that Monday is a legal holiday) There are no scheduled meetings in December.


  1. Attend the North Merritt Island Special District Advisory Board Meeting at the Merritt Island Government Complex and SPEAK to the board with opinion.  If others before you have expressed the same opinions, still get up and speak, just be brief.  It is important that many people speak so that the board can use that information in making their recommendations.  Their recommendations carry some weight with the final decision that the Commissioners make.


  1. MOST IMPORTANT:  Attend the next Commissioners Zoning Meeting (following the Advisory Board’s meeting that addressed your issue) in VIERA.   Be on time, as the planned agenda may change early in the meeting.  Sign up in the back of the room when you arrive, to speak on your issue. 


As above, it is important to speak even if others have expressed the same sentiments. 

The commission is most impressed by “competent and substantial evidence”, so documentation, pictures and citations are very helpful.  The Commissioners need to know that many people have the same opinions to help them make their decisions.  If you are shy of public speaking, you may be brief and indicate your agreement with those who have spoken before you.


  1. If you can’t attend any meetings, then you may also express your sentiments in writing.  A written letter carries much weight in decision-making.  A personal call or email also is an excellent way to communicate your opinions.


  1. Contact Commissioner Jim Barfield,

the District 2 Representative at:

2575 N. Courtenay Parkway

 Merritt Island, FL 32953

Phone: (321) 454 – 6601 / Fax: (321) 455 – 1333


  1. Write a letter of opinion (referencing the zoning ID info if possible) to the Brevard County Planning & Development Office:  


    Brevard County

Planning & Development Department 

2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg A

Viera, Florida 32940


  1. For further information to contact all Brevard County Commissioners – Website:


  1. Check the main website for further information on Brevard County Zoning(Now called the Planning and Development Department).


  1. The State Representative for District 51 is Steve Crisafulli, who may be contacted by email or phone, 321- 449 – 5111.


  1. Our State Senator for District 13 is Andy Gardner, who may be contacted by phone at 407- 428 – 5800.


Thank you for your Community Involvement!